May 12, 2021

Words of Praise for My Latest Book, Nonprofit Strategy: A Phased-Based Approach to Impact, Relevance, and Sustainability

From the Foreword, provided by Susan Kenny Stevens:

Mike Stone’s book, and its practical, nuanced approach, arrives on the scene just as nonprofits face one of the most challenging times in recent history.  Navigating the future, near- and longer-term, is what this book is about.

For his lifecycle framework, Stone uses my book Nonprofit Lifecycles, Stage-based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity, published in 2002.  With his book, Mike Stone brings a profound appreciation of lifecycle theory to the subject of nonprofit strategy.  This is the first written work I have seen that codifies and couples lifecycle theory with strategic planning.

It’s been nearly twenty years since I wrote Nonprofit Lifecycles.  Back then, I had no idea whether it would stand the test of time.  Yet here we are twenty years later with sales still steady, and demand continuing.  I predict this same kind of shelf-life for Stone’s book. It will be a timeless gift to the nonprofit sector.

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