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If you’ve met one consultant, you’ve met…well, one consultant. Despite the generalizations about us, we are all quite different from one another. View the video to learn about my approach.

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Strategy and Mission

The relationship of mission to strategy is similar to the relationship of chords to an actual song. Musician or not, this video provides a helpful way to think about the strategy of your organization.

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Important Questions

The utility of your strategic planning process depends entirely on the appropriateness of the questions that drive it. Explore this idea in the video below.

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Going on Vacation

What is the most important part of your vacation plan? The destination? The route? For me, the most important part is the purpose behind the trip. View the video to see how this can inform your strategic planning.

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Strategy Relating to Music

Do you prefer the precision of classical music or the loose nature of jazz? When it comes to strategy, it is advisable to develop a taste for jazz. See more in the video below.

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When is it time to review your strategy?

The strategic considerations change as your organization evolves. This video provides an overview of the relationship between lifecycle stages and strategy planning.

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What's the point of strategy planning?

Beginning with the end in mind is essential to effective strategy planning. In this video, I make the case for focusing on the middle — between the vision and the action steps — as the focus of strategy planning.

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