May 06, 2024

Mission, Meet Strategy

It has been said that you can be happy as the dog or the fire hydrant, as long as you understand the nature of the relationship. Oddly enough, this bit of wisdom has relevance for strategy development. Mission and strategy are both vital and useful, but we need to understand the relationship between the two.

Mission does not drive strategy. The decision to take on a new program should not depend solely on rather it “fits the mission”. Similarly, the goal of strategy development is not to squeeze an many activities as possible into your mission.

What mission does do is provide the context for strategy. That is, the mission answers the big question of ‘what’ and ‘why’. Strategy states how you will utilize your resources to advance the mission. It focuses on the ‘how’ and in doing so, helps determine what you will not do to advance the mission.

Said another way, strategy both animates and restrains the mission. The two work work well together, as long as we understand the nature of the relationship.

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