July 18, 2019

Clarity. Consensus. Impact.

As an organizational development practitioner with 20+ years of experience, looking toward growth is engrained in my DNA. I reflect, investigate and aspire. And I help my clients do the same. Group facilitation. Conflict mediation. Strategy development. These are the skills that brought me to this phase of my practice, and I’m excited to continue to leverage them for my diverse clients.

Without these skills and insights, I couldn’t service clients in the way I do. Bringing them to light creates clarity. And when we have clarity, we can build consensus. And when we have consensus, we make our biggest impact possible.

Nonprofits and for-profits. Small and large organizations. Organizations within and beyond Northeast Indiana.

The industry, size or location doesn’t matter.

What matters is that clients know that I’m a good fit for their organization. My approach serves organizations that seek to answer questions like:

Where have we been?

What have we learned?

What do we do now?

I help clients reflect on the past, investigate the present and identify aspirations for the future. We won’t create a laundry list of tasks organized on a boilerplate template. We will identify the foundation on which an organization operates, creating a base from which to make future decisions.

A future of clarity. A future of consensus. A future of impact.

And I’m energized for it.

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