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February 08, 2013

Preaching to the Choir: Reaching the Right People with the Right Message

The prevailing wisdom among nonprofits when it comes to fundraising goes something like this: “If more people know about us, we will raise more money.” The reality, however, is more nuanced and goes something like this: If the right people know the right things about you, there is a greater likelihood that you will raise […]


April 18, 2011

1,000 Donors?

I just heard part of an interview with Seth Godin, management trainer and author, in which he talks about the importance of an artist having 1,000 fans. He explains it this way. It is one thing for a musical artist to fill a theater with 10,000 fans for a given performance. But that in itself […]


March 23, 2010

Why “Raising Awareness” of Your Organization is Not a Strategic Goal

It is a common topic of discussion when I help an organization develop a strategic plan: how to raise awareness of the organization.  The assumption is that if only more people knew about them, then…well, what then? The reality is that not everyone needs to know about your organization and the work that it does.  However, it […]


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